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Comments from our customers and visitors to our shows about our premium nylon gear.
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From our Customers:

"Boooyah. I finally found the sling I wanted, the sling to end all slings. At least for me, but i thought i would pass on the word for a guy who makes a darn good product. Its made by a local guy, Scott Carlile in Seattle, WA. Was only 30 bucks and I think its probably the best sling I personally have ever had. Two point design with two pulls on the sling body, one black and one OD green. Pull the black one, cinches the rifle nice and tight to the body, pull the green one and it easily releases back to full length...I highly recommend yall try one out!"
- Garrett, Seattle, Wa. Sniper's Hide blog 2 Point Sling

" My buddy who works at a local gun shop agrees, best sling he has ever owned, and he has A LOT more experience than me."  
- Anonymous, WA

"If anyone has seen a serbu super shorty breaching shotgun, Scott's the sole designer and provider of their official drop leg holster. He makes an AICS stock pack with a spot for data card and magazine. Tons of different slings. Cool suppressor pouches and a bunch more other gear. "
- Salmonaxe, lynnwood, WA

"The guy who makes these is very freindly. After I ordered --it arived within 3 days. SKT is based out of Seattle. You can get it in Black, Tan, OD green, ACU, Ranger Green, or Multicam. You can also order a bungee cord muzzle cap to keep dirt and grim out of your muzzle until you pull your shotgun out. This holster is also great for conneting to MOLLE backpack if your hiking."
- Renegade13B, Oregon.

"He's got a seriously solid product. Very friendly guy, does custom work too!"
-Anonymous, Carnation, Wa.

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